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  • ♥ Woah! This is a website! ★

    Hi! Welcome to my website! This is my little digital space to create and display things. I hope you enjoy your time here!

    I'm doing a writing challenge! (kinda?) I add a new entry daily, and you can read everything I've written there!

    First blog post is up! More works are cooking!

    Still figuring out what I want to do with this, but inspiration is plenty and resources are easy to find!

    Here, look at my low-res cat!

    This is Penny!

    Website todo list:

  • Redo Home Page
  • Make a more fun border for main div
  • Better custom cursor
  • Penny icon that blinks at you
  • Wall of blinkies somewhere
  • Option for easier to read font (+ turn off scripts)
  • more cute javascripts for ambiance
  • write more long-form stuff
  • Test!